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Mont-Blanc is a
state of mind and an opportunity.

That of simply being aware of societal developments, and moving upwards like a young leader who wants to show the way.

We are guided by the desire to stimulate the creativity of the younger generation in order to promote positive development.

Highlighting projects, co-financing them, supporting them and facilitating their development is the mission of the 1% Mont-Blanc association and its endowment fund.

Experience needs the perspective of youth.


Mountain youth carry a creative and resilient spirit towards an accessible, caring and sustainable horizon.

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Leading the way

Intensify and increase the capacity of adaptation of the territories of the Mont-Blanc massif to the challenges and changes of tomorrow's world.


Bring together the experience and perspective of young people to select and support value-laden projects.

Our values

Imagining is good, doing is better.

We stimulate creativity collectively.

We are multigenerational and agile.

We innovate and we communicate.

We dialogue.

We persevere.

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