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First on the Rope !


1% Mont-Blanc a non-profit association that brings together young individuals and mentors. Our aim is to promote positive initiatives, embodying the spirit and values of the highest mountain in Western Europe.

The association

Companies & individuals

The 1% Mont-Blanc association embraces a wide range of activities supporting economic and cultural initiatives within the Mont-Blanc valleys, encompassing media, mentoring, financing and networking.

The Endowment Fund

By young people, for young people

Advance resilient, cultural and economic projects driven by values through financial sponsorship.

Mont-Blanc Fermes Péda

x 1% Mont-Blanc

Re-create a link between the agricultural world and the general public in the Chamonix valley through various awareness-raising and promotion actions.

Mont-Blanc Fermes Péda 1.png


x 1% Mont-Blanc

HydroPeak is driving the energy transition of mountain areas by developing micro hydroelectricity on existing web water canals.

Join 1% Mont-Blanc

Businesses & individuals

Join the network
1% Mont-blanc, companies, entrepreneurs, local...

Participate in the development of innovative and sustainable projects at the foot of Mont-Blanc, by young people, for young people.

Benefit from the tax advantage of 60% (companies), 66% (individuals).

ZAION- 1% Mont-Blanc.png
CIC - 1% Mont-Blanc.png.png
Atelier Esope - 1% Mont-Blanc.png
Josephine - 1% Mont-Blanc.png.png
BDS - 1% Mont-Blanc.png
Deep Nature - 1% Mont-Blanc.png.png
Hameau Albert 1er - 1% Mont-Blanc.png
Sotheby's x 1% Mont-Blanc.png
Folie Douce Hotels - 1% Mont-Blanc.png
Golden Marmot - 1% Mont-Blanc.png.png
Là Haut - 1% Mont-Blanc.png.png
Assas Hôtels - 1% Mont-Blanc.png
La Vallée - 1% Mont-Blanc.png
Locala - 1% Mont-Blanc.png.png
UTMB Group - 1% Mont-Blanc.png
Plan B - 1% Mont-Blanc.png.png
Mountain Base - 1% Mont-Blanc.png.png
Mont-Blanc Immobilier - 1% Mont-Blanc.png.png
Driver's Rally - 1% Mont-Blanc.png
Le Nid des Pècles - 1% Mont-Blanc.png
Snell Sports - 1% Mont-Blanc.png
PB & CO - 1% Mont-Blanc.png
Rose du Pont - 1% Mont-Blanc.png.png
Logo Partenaires-2.png
EWP - 1% Mont-Blanc.png
Payot Pertin - Super U x 1% Mont-Blanc.png
Maison des Drus - 1% Mont-Blanc.png
Snow Group - 1% Mont-Blanc.png.png
La Floria Immobilier - 1% Mont-Blanc.png
Les Planards - 1% Mont-Blanc.png.png
Cerealis - 1% Mont-Blanc.png.png
Optique Lafarge - 1% Mont-Blanc.png

Companies - Members

They talk about us...
Press area

A young steering committee

The project selection jury consists of 200 young members who serve as both jurors and active contributors by proposing innovative projects.

The youth committee and jury of 1% Mont-Blanc

Guided by an experienced team

An advisory team of around ten experienced business leaders, entrepreneurs and locals structure the dynamic.

“Bringing experience into dialogue with the vision of youth”

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